I was born and raised in a small village outside Alingsås some 60 km from Gothenburg.

1987 was an important year for me. Only 17 years old I went to Thailand as an AFS exchange student. I lived with my host family and went to the local high school in the small community of Banglen some 60-70 km west of Bangkok . I don’t think I have ever learnt so much in a year as during that year and then I don’t refer to physics, geography or biology. I got new friends and got to know a new country, language, culture as well as gaining a new perspective on myself and Sweden.

Me and some of the boys in my class

Me and some of the boys in my class in 1987

After returning to Sweden I chose southeast Asian studies at Lund University with Thai language as major subject. Before getting my degree I was hired by the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok and while working and living in Bangkok I met Wej who is my partner in life and co-cyclist on this tour.

In Sweden I have worked for public agencies and a large international company for 11 years now. I have worked far from home and I have commuted on a weekly basis and beside that made plenty of business trips which has resulted in spending far too few days at home.

Like many busy people in my age and in the midst of their life and careers I now feel I need a break. I enjoy outdoor life, traveling and cycling  so what could be better than spending my year without Monday mornings together with Wej riding our bicycles from our Swedish home to our Thai home while at the same time discovering the world we live in and contemplating and reflecting about life.