Chronological story

This is the chronological story of our trip from our present home in Göteborg on the Swedish westcoast to our former home in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

This story is written in English and you navigate through it by using the menu above. Some countries are bundled together under one headline while bigger ones such as China is split under several headlines.

Each cycling day has a number while resting days are called just resting days. Each cycling day has a short section with some statistics and an overview map in Strava. If you have a Strava account you can log in to check in detail which route we took.

A blog will always display the latest post on top which means that one has to read backwards when trying to catch up. Seven years have passed since this trip and now during the Covid-19 pandemic I have all of a sudden found the time to sort out the blog and re-organize it so that it can be read in chronological order. The old blog with comments can still be found under the “Home” tab on the front page.

We wrote the blog as we moved on. It has been written both at guesthouses and pubs, but also in the tent after a long day which explain misspelling and other linguistic errors in the original blog. In this re-organized version I have corrected the most obvious errors. Comments that our followers made have not been moved here. If anyone would like to read them, they can still be found in the original blog.

It was a great journey that in many ways changed our lives. I hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.