Day 11

Today we haven’t cycled anywhere.
Today we have sailed 103 km from Chelmno to Wlocawek 🙂

Yesterdays weather forecast promised strong winds from northwest which turned out to be completely true. Today we were going southeast and it is true to say that we have not worked hard today. We have been cycling around 25-28 km/h for long periods and that is exceptionally fast with a loaded touring bike.

When touring on a bicycle the prefered roads are small backroads on the countryside. We have been on those for a few days but sadly to say, we have been scared by how little respect for a cyclist some local drivers have. They have overtaken us far too close and it has made us scared and upset.

Wej overtaking me on an empty E75.

Wej overtaking me on an empty E75.

Today we had to go out on the big E75 road for a while. With our recent experience from the small roads, we did expected the worst, but we were completely wrong. The E75 has a good quality surface and a wide shoulder for us to ride on but it might be a bit dull to cycle on unless you like to cycle fast and far from overtaking cars. The road was very straight and was leveled out so there were neither any tough uphill sections, nor any steep downhill parts. It feels like it has been made for cyclists who want to press on to quickly get south and meet the spring. And we have had no car coming up too close to us today. We will continue on the E75 tomorrow, that’s for sure.

This picture is for my Dad :-)

This picture is for my Dad 🙂

Yesterday the landscape was dominated by snow. As we moved south today, the snow disappeared. We have had sunshine in our faces, a strong wind on our backs, no snow around us and we have moved 102 km in a less time than it usually takes to ride 75. We are happy today and look forward to ride to Lodz tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 11

    1. admin Post author

      Hej Annika
      Ditt första meddelande gick inte fram. Synd att vi missade dig när vi besökte Stumholmen.
      Tack för lyckönskningarna.

  1. Mum we

    Have a nice time with new friends!
    I’ve been att GoL:s place in Kinna and even that was a good time. We were four schoolfriens sleeping over nihgt after we have hade o good dinner. We planed for our 50 years anniversery since we lefted school, That it quite a time, you know.
    Kiss & Huggs Mum

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