Both of us really like traveling to see new places and meet new people. We have done a lot of short trips to places in Europe and around Thailand but the curse of an international couple is to always want to spend vacations in the country where the  part that lives overseas come from. When we lived in Thailand all our vacations were spent visiting Sweden and now when we live in Sweden we spend most of our vacations to go to Thailand to visit friends and relatives.

A long haul flight like the one between Scandinavia and Bangkok is just too long and it feels you will never get there. Dinner is served an hour or so after take off, you sip on a drink while you fly over eastern Europe. After a few hours sleep you wake up and notice on the moving map that the aircraft hasn’t moved anywhere near as long as you would have wished. Watching a movie, sleep some more and you are over India. Then more sleep until breakfast is served over Burma two hours before landing in Bangkok.

We have done this kind of flight so many times that we have stopped counting. Every time we get the feeling that we pass over half of the world without noticing because we are sleeping or watching movies. We have often said that one day we should travel overland between our two home countries and now the time has come to discover what is really under the belly of an aircraft flying between Scandinavia and Thailand.

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