Day 1

We had an extremely busy day today. My dream was that the day before the departure day would be a lazy day and then the departure day itself would be a harmonious experience with a nice and orderly take off. Unfortunately it was all but like in my dreams. We had struggled to move out our belongings from the apartment, clean it, pack our stuff and do many other things. Yesterday we went to bed far too late and I still woke up at 5.30 this morning and immediately started to do things.

Our plan was to leave between noon and 1 pm, but we ended up leaving at 3.30. Things were rushed and our mood was far from what we would have wanted to. We made a brief stop at Fjällsport which we believe is Göteborg’s best place to shop outdoor gear and our main supplier. Then we continued to make a social call at Veloform which is a small but rather different kind of cycle shop where you never leave before having had a cup of coffee and an interesting chat with the owner and the other customers visiting. Unfortunately we had to rush that good bye meeting and start pedaling south.

The goal of today was Särö where our friends Elin and Peter live. Elin rode her own bike through the snow and ice out to meet us but since we were delayed she got cold and started to return before we finally caught up with her. She waited for us some 25 minutes from home. When at her house we were offered a nice dinner followed by a few beers in the sauna. Could any journey start better than that….?

When riding out from the street where we live we didn’t feel that we left for Bangkok. We felt that we left for Särö to see our friends. I have cycled parts of today’s distance many times before and it was difficult to convince myself that we were actually on our way out in the big world and not only heading for the southern suburbs of Göteborg. We discussed our feelings and we both agreed that we probably won’t feel that we are on the way to on a big adventure until we leave Sweden.

Check out today’s trip in the daily map section.


14 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Jyab

    Wej & Joakim,

    Have a great safe and fun trip of your life. We will keep our eyes and ears open to hear from you and see you at home soon. Be very careful and make your dream come true

    Your Lazy Fan

    1. admin Post author

      แต้งส์จ้าเจี๊ยบ วันไหนเหนื่อยมาก ๆ จะเข้ามาอ่านในบล๊อคนี่แหละ กำลังใจเพียบ เจี๊ยบนะหรือ Lazy? เห็นมีอะไรทำตลอด เจอกันที่เมืองไทยจ้า สิ้นปี 🙂

      1. บุษบง

        นั่นแหละ เลซี่ของเธอแล้ว ลองนึกภาพเธอบิ๊ซี่สิ ก๊าาาก

  2. Tas

    ตื่นเต้นไปด้วยเลยเวช สนุกกับการเดินทางนะเพื่อน เดินทางปลอดภัยทั้งคู่นะคะ แล้วเจอกันที่ประเทศไทย 🙂

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