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Video of Day 162

We have taken thousands of photos during the 9 months we have been on the road, but as soon as we entered Thailand the number of photos we have taken have dropped dramatically. Maybe it is due to us feeling so at home that we forget to take photos.

However, yesterday we took a lot of videoclips with our iphone. Now we have edited the clips and we are rather sure that this one minute movie will never earn any Oscar

Video of winter in Romania

Here comes a short 1 minute long compilation of clips of the winter day (see story about Day 26) in Romania. It shows how it was before things got nasty on the last hill. All the talk is in thai, but sometimes pictures talk for themselves too.

วีดีโอที่ทำไว้ตอนที่หน้าหนาวกลับมาอีกครั้งที่โรมาเนีย ช่วงข้ามเขาพอดี

Video of spring in Romania

Here is a link to a short video that we made by using our iphone so the quality is not the best. It corresponds to the story of “Day 24” and shows the nice spring weather we had when we cycled from Tasnad to Cluj-Napoca in Romania. We have posted it on Facebook, but not all of you have Facebook accounts so we publish it here too.