Rest days in Älmhult

Today is the second rest day of four in Älmhult. Yesterday my friend Robin Kvapil whom I have got to know through Elmhult Sport Club invited me for lunch. It is always interesting to talk to him, so thanks again Robin 🙂  Today my former colleague Tiit Öhr (big thanks to you too Tiit 🙂 ) invited my for lunch and brought some other ex-colleagues along.  It was wonderful to talk to them and hear the latest gossip while having a delicious lunch. It was also very nice to not have to go back to work after lunch 😉  Instead I went to the local bike shop here in Älmhult to buy some spare inner tubes and a better tail light for Wej.

I also got my valve holes drilled to a larger dimension. My rims had small holes for  presta valves (road bike valves) while Wej has bigger holes for her Schrader valves (car valves). It is much smarter to have big holes from the start because if you have the smaller holes and some time urgently need a new tube, then you can bet that there will only be tubes with big valves available.

Now I only hope I will be able to find a new front derailleur. I don’t dare to use the one I have since it has accidentally been bent twice already and bent back once. Bending it back and forth will weaken it so a finding a replacement is needed.

6 thoughts on “Rest days in Älmhult

  1. Marcus Svensson

    Hej Joakim och Wej!

    Det ska bli spännande att följa er på resan. Jag är själv ute på liknande äventyr även om jag till skillnad från er är inne på slutklämmen. Hoppas ni inte har det allt för jobbigt med kylan nu i början. Joakim passa dig för vassa kanter runt borrhålet som kan punktera slangen.

    God tur mvh Marcus

  2. Dan Claesson

    Med tanke på er framfart så behöver ni kliva av sadeln ibland. Nästa längre stopp blir i Krakow förstod jag på radio intervjuen? Från norra Polen dit ner tar det för er 9 dagar eller mer? Stannar ni där i 3-5 dagar också? Många frågor från den nyfikne; ))!

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