Day 6

I have been coughing for a a few days now and it worries me a bit because I don’t want it to get any worse than it already is. Yesterday’s ride was long and when I woke up this morning I felt weak and I coughed even more so we were happy that we only had a short ride today.

Our host Ulrika left early and we had breakfast with her children, then we went back to bed to sleep some more before leaving. I don’t feel sick but I am quite sure it is a good idea to not push the cycling too hard and risk getting sick for real. We have plenty of time and there is absolutely no need to rush anything so we cycled really slow today.

Today we chose the boring short road rather than the longer and more beautiful one. This meant riding beside the highway with lots of noisy traffic. It also meant going on cycling paths were the snow had not been swept away yet. We had headwind most of the time  but it was not as cold as yesterday. The only problem today was the seemingly endless little hills. Once we got up on one, we could see the slope down and the uphill section to the next hill. It was like some sort of roller coaster.

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